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One Fine Day lyrics


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     One Fine Day
    >> Offspring
        If I had a perfect day
    I would have it start this way
    Open up the fridge and have a tall boy

    Then I'd meet up with my friends
    Head out to the game again
    We don't even really care who wins
    (Hey, wins, hey, 123)

    Now excitement seems to grow
    When we're hangin' with the bro's
    When we're chillin' and we pound a case of Stroh's
    Now the game is cool to see
    You can "High 5" on TV
    Count the riot on the one two three
    Operation is in sight
    And the field is open wide
    When you break it then you know you're still alive
    If the cops don't make you pay
    And you make your getaway
    Then you know
    That's one fine day

    On that day before we're through
    We could torch a car or two
    Then have ourselves another tall boy

    Water hoses and batons
    That's the real game that's on
    I don't really give a shit who wins
    (hey, wins, hey 123)


    I believe it's my god-given right
    To destroy everything in my sight
    Cause it never gets dull, it never gets old
    The only thing it gets is more bold
    Drinkin', fightin', going to the game
    In our world it's a way to stay sane
    If you're asking me
    To have it my way, I'd say that's
    One fine day

    (hey, hey, hey, hey)
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